Ironclad Global Signs NCAA Division I All American and Undefeated Heavyweight Odie ‘The Bad Lad’ Delaney!

Ironclad Global Sports Management is delighted to announce the signing of NCAA Division I All American and undefeated MMA Heavyweight, Odie ‘The Bad Lad’ Delaney.

Perfect in four outings overall, Delaney naturally possesses exceptional wrestling and grappling skills, and thanks to years of work with the renowned American Top Team out of Coconut Beach, Florida, Delaney has sharpened his striking and submission skills since making the decision to transition to Mixed Martial Arts. Now, Delaney poses a nightmarish proposition for any MMA Heavyweight willing to step up – and so far, it’s fair to say there’s something of a shortage of challengers!

A heavy top game and slick submission skills helped Odie capture gold at the 2019 IBJJF Pan-American No-Gi tournament at blue belt rank, and Delaney has since progressed to purple belt. Yet any opponent prepared to sleep on Odie’s hands may find themselves taking another nap under the lights!

Ironclad Global Sports Management believe Odie has the world at his feet, and we’re excited to accompany him on this journey – but it is Delaney’s character that stands out the most. A humble husband and father looking to spread the word of Jesus Christ through MMA, Odie is a fierce competitor who appreciates and adheres to the spirit and traditions of martial arts, representing a perfect fit wherever honor and respect are at the heart of an organisation.

Stay tuned for BIG things…

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