Keeping it ‘Reel’: The Highlights of Professional Footballer Matty Fossen

Having played a full season in the Norway with Sportsklubben Herd, Matty Fossen made the move to Spain joining up with Club Deportivo Bupolsa – where he has quickly established himself as one of the first names on the team sheet.

The most played defender at Bupolsa, Matty has shown the full range of his skill set, from pin-point long-range passing, to neat footwork and calmness under pressure, to towering headers and crunching tackles – there’s nothing Matty can’t do! An outstanding athlete, Matty is consistently one of the top performers in training and in terms of fitness, and has found the style of play and culture in Spain a great learning experience after playing plenty of competitive games in England and Norway.

The future for Matty looks extremely bright! Check out the highlights below.

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